Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vampire Diaries Episode 2.16 Ohhh, Klaus; Casting Has Begun

So, I've just learned from Vampire Diaries Online that casting for Klaus has begun and this ultimate bad boy is set to hit TVD in Episode 16. Here's a enticing mini description to wet your spoiler appetite ;).

KLAUS – Late 20s to mid 30s. Handsome, charming, intelligent with a sharp wit. He can out-Damon Damon, only because he’s got a 1000 years on him. He is one of The Originals, possibly the oldest, but you would never know it because he keeps up with the times.
Who do you suggest be the new eye~candy of Mystic Falls?

Vampire Diaries Episode 2.11 "By The Light Of The Moon" Guide

I've already spoiled a couple of episode stills for "By The Light Of The Moon", the mid-season cliffhanger for "The Vampire Diaries". Now we have a full description to share with our rabid TVD fans thanks to the CW. The holiday Hiatus will be hard, but looks like Episode 11 will give us a lot to think about over X-mas ;).

TYLER FACES HIS FIRST TRANSFORMATION — As the full moon approaches, Caroline (Candice Accola) helps Tyler (Michael Trevino) prepare for the transformation he is powerless to stop. While Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Katherine (Nina Dobrev) play mind games on one another, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Alaric (Matt Davis) are suspicious when a stranger named Jules (guest star Michaela McManus) shows up in Mystic Falls, searching for her missing friend, Mason. Elena (Dobrev) is frustrated at the lengths Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and her friends have gone to in order to keep her safe. Bonnie (Katerina Graham) and Luca (guest star Bryton James) work together on a spell, while still keeping secrets from one another. Finally, Elijah (guest star Daniel Gillies) makes an unexpected appearance with an offer that could change everything.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vampire Diaries Spoilers Paul Wesley Talks With Popwrap

NYPost's Popwrap was fortunate enough to talk with Paul Wesley of "The Vampire Diaries". The always adorable Wesley talks about season 2, his fellow cast mates and much more. Special thanks to Vampire Diaries Online for the heads up.

Vampire Diaries Spoilers Episode 2.11 "By The Light Of The Moon" First Photos

I spoiled earlier that we would be seeing Tyler's transformation before the holiday hiatus and here's a tasty treat to add. Thanks to Marisa Mineo for tweeting this nice episode still of Tyler nosing around the dungeon.

That's not all though kids, because Tyler is not the only one prowling around Mystic Falls. Thanks to Ausiello, we have our first look at Jules~Michaela McManus.
Damon and Alaric resurrect our favorite TVD Bromance with a juicy confrontation at the Mystic Grill with Jules.
Reminder: This episode will air December 9 and will be "The Vampire Diaries" mid-season cliffhanger.

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley Make People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Issue

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley both made this year's Sexiest Man Alive Issue of "People Magazine" and our beautiful vamps have a nice feature. Thanks to Just Jared for posting Ian’s and SilentTwilight for posting this scan of Paul’s. (Special thanks to Vampire Diaries Online for the heads up).



Vampire Diaries News: Nina Dobrev On Lopez

Nina Dobrev who we all know plays Elena and Katherine on "The Vampire Diaries" was on "Lopez Tonight", last night. She dishes on becoming a vampire, fan encounters and much more. For your favorite screen captures head over to the Nina Dobrev Network and grab yours - she looked fabulous ;). Special thanks to TBS
for the video.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vampire Diaires News: New Promotional Photo

Earlier this week the CW released a new promotional poster for season 2 of "The Vampire Diaries". It graced the cover of TV Guide and as always our trio is stunning.