Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Nina Dobrev Talks Katherine and Elena

"The Vampire Diaries" is on hiatus until April 7th, but to ease the pain of it all I have a Nina Dobrev interview to share with the TVD fandom. Dobrev chats to Fancast about playing dual roles and how she manages to make Katherine and Elena so distinctly different.


You do such a great job of playing two distinctive characters. How do you approach each role? What drives each character?
It’s not always easy for sure, but it keeps me engaged and keeps me challenged. The clothes, accessories, hair, and all those seemingly superficial details really help me transition and embrace whichever role I’m playing. For example, if I’m rocking a pair of Converse I can sink into Elena, but if I’m wearing some edgy boots, I naturally begin not only walking but I also feel like Katherine. I think the motivation behind both characters is very different. For Elena it’s the people she cares about. She would do anything for her friends and family. For Katherine, it’s self-preservation. Really, she’s just looking out for herself and only herself.

Did the writers make Katherine Bulgarian because you were born in Bulgaria?
In the books, Katherine comes from a German heritage. It may be because I’m Bulgarian, but I think we all agreed that Bulgaria has a sense of mystique that is strangely unique. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I already speak Bulgarian. The writers heard me speaking Bulgarian to my mom on the phone while I was on set one day. One thing led to the other and voila!

How do you shoot the scenes where Katherine and Elena interact?
I get to play against myself in a scene, which is both challenging and interesting at the same time. I really just have to stay focused on the moment and the motivation behind whichever character I shoot first and allow myself to transition when it’s time to switch. I have to plan my actions and movements and remember to react to them when we shoot the reverse/other character.

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