Friday, February 4, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.14 "Crying Wolf" Extended Promo

The CW has released the extended promo for next episode of "The Vampire Diaries", "Crying Wolf". Stefan and Elena take a romantic getaway, but run into some unwanted wolfy guests while Damon is in a tight spot himself.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.14 "Crying Wolf" Promo

"The Vampire Diaries" was tension filled tonight and has put Tyler in a very volatile situation where he must choose sides. The CW's preview for next weeks episode, "Crying Wolf" teases a romantic getaway for Stefan and Elena.

Special thanks to MiI2aCIe for the upload :).

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.15 "The Dinner Party" More Photos

The CW has released several more stills for episode 15 of "The Vampire Diaries". "The Dinner Party" will once again take us back to 1864ish, were we'll get more insight into our favorite vampire brothers :).

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Kevin Williamson Joins "Secret Circle" Project

According to Deadline, Executive Producer of "The Vampire Diaries", Kevin Williamson joined in the development of the CW's newest L.J. Smith project, "Secret Circle". The pilot script for the new show is already in production.

Now the great news. Williamson has come onboard another CW drama project, Secret Circle, which is based on a three-book series from The Vampire Diaries author L.J. Smith. It centers on a California teen who moves to her mom's hometown of New Salem and discovers that she is a witch. To complete the reunion, the project hails from Alloy Entertainment and WBTV, the companies behind Diaries. It was first set at the CW in October with Angel alums Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain as executive producers and Andrew Miller as writer/exec producer. Williamson is now working on the script and serving as an executive producer on the project, which, with its auspices, has emerged as a strong contender for a pilot pickup. Just like with the potential Diaries companion, on which there was talk about Plec joining Williamson, while not currently attached to Secret Circle, Plec could come on board in the future.
Read the full article here.

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.15 "The Dinner Party" Photos

The CW has released some stunning stills for episode 15 of "The Vampire Diaries". "The Dinner Party" will be our next flashback friendly episode, taking us back to Stefan's darker days.

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Ian Somerhalder Dishes About Damon's Humanization

The NY Post got some juicy Damon dish from Ian Somerhalder about his character's rapid humanization and what that means for his different relationships. Damon's emotions are showing and the TVD fandom loves it ;).

PW: So you just weren't anticipating his evolution happening so quickly?
Ian: One of the appeals of the show is that it moves very quickly, which is fun because TV doesn’t typically move that way all the time. So Damon went through a pretty quick process of coming to town with an agenda to finding out that his agenda was completely wrong to staying in town because he started to care for people. That raised the stakes for him in a big way. When you forge relationships, you run the risk of caring. That makes it hard to walk away. And Damon, unfortunately, found himself subconsciously wanting to nurture those relationships. Now, he really cares about someone he wouldn’t have normally given a flying s*** about, pardon my French [laughs].

PW: It seems like his relationship with Elena almost opened him up to care about Rose so deeply.
Ian: We’re starting to see human similarities in him, which I understand are important, but it’s a fine balance between having him be Damon but not be Stefan. Stefan has this beautiful humanity but in all reality, Stefan has just grown really good -- through lots of discipline -- at controlling his urge to kill. Because don’t forget, Stefan natural instincts are to kill.

PW: Would you say that we're about to see Damon's dangerous side emerge again?
Ian: It’s difficult to create that fine line of being a caring individual and having him be a brutal killer who can, like Stefan, just turn it off. Does he have the capacity to love? That is his journey onto itself. Damon, I truly think, is being taken for a ride. This emotional journey for him is really difficult. But whether Damon helps a kitten out of a tree or brutally rips someone’s head off, he’ll do it in his own way. And he’ll probably do both of them with the exact same smile.
Read the full interview over at the NY Post.

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.13 "Daddy Issues" Damon's New Girlfriend

In light of Logan Fell's untimely death, "The Vampire Diaries" cast Dawn Olivieri to play the new news reporter of Mystic Falls. According to TV Guide Dawn~Andie Starr will making nice with Damon in the very near future(tonight). If you watch the promo below closely you catch a glimpse of their wet and sudsy scene ;).
Any scoop on Damon's new love interest on The Vampire Diaries? — Carson
NATALIE: To get over Rose's death, Damon takes a new lover, spunky reporter Andie Starr. The pair will share a sudsy bubble bath where a shirtless Ian Somerhalder will actually open up to her — not that she'll remember any of it. "She's compelled to do whatever Damon says, but she's so quick and witty," Somerhalder tells us. "It's kind of tragic that the only way he can express himself to anyone is if he puts them under his compulsion."

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers War, Blood Fever and The Final Full Moon

Happy TVD Thursday! "The Vampire Diaries" continues tonight with an all new episode, "Daddy Issues". I have a few spoilery goodies to share with my fellow fans. TV Guide has given us a nice round-up, including news about the escalating werewolf~vampire tension, Flashback Falls and the final full moon of the season.

The Vampire-Werewolf War: The conflict between the vampires and werewolves "is going from a simmer to a boil," Plec says. In the center of it all: star-crossed maybe-lovers werewolf Tyler (Michael Trevino) and vampire Caroline (Candice Accola). "The next few episodes take us down the road of what Tyler knows, what he learns and how it impacts his friendships with Caroline and Matt [Zach Roerig]," Plec says. Adds Paul Wesley: "There are unforeseen alliances."

Flashback Blood Fever: The series will flash back once again to when Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan were turned into vampires. "Stefan is very Damon-esque," Wesley says. "He's lost and he doesn't know what to do with himself. He's living in guilt, so he is just sinful and lustful. We get some blood addiction. We're going back to his days of heavy usage."

The Final Full Moon: Last season's arc drove towards the Founders' Day celebration. "This year, our signposts have been marked by the full moons and I know that we have one more full moon that will be upon us before we hit the end of the season," Plec says. "Bad, bad things are going to happen as a result of that full moon. We also have this impending ritual — the sacrifice that will break the curse of the sun and the moon. That's where we'll end our season."
Full round-up here.

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers New Nina Dobrev Promo Photo

We have an absolutely beautiful new promotional photo to share with the "The Vampire Diaries" Family. The CW has released this new season 2 promo of the stunning Nina Dobrev.


The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Michael Trevino and Kat Graham Tease What's To Come

Katerina Graham of "The Vampire Diaries" recently spoiled to the NY Post about what's next in season 2 for her character Bonnie. She teases a 'ruthless' ending to their already phenomenal story.
PopWrap: "The Vampire Diaries" has been off the air for over a month, which is cruel -- make it up to the fans and work them into a big lather describing the upcoming episodes!
Kat Graham: Every script is unreal. It keeps getting crazier and crazier. I can’t even prepare you for what’s going down on the show. The best way I can describe this season is with the word, ruthless.

PW: But Luca is hiding a lot from Bonnie. Will we have to wait long until that comes to light for her?
Kat: When Elena finds out about something, Bonnie finds out about something – and vice versa. Their relationship has become so open and honest that they’re all about protecting one another. So Bonnie will find out very soon and it’s going to get really messy. There’s no clean way to go about this.
Read the full interview over at NYPost.

Michael Trevino spoils some major dish about the sun and moon curse. He teases Tyler's struggle with who to align himself with; the vampires or the other werewolves.
Now here’s where things could get seriously interesting: Tyler doesn’t yet know about the ancient Aztec curse that limits the powers of vampire and werewolves, that it’s what keeps (most) vampires from walking in the sun and the wolves’ transformations tied to the full moon. He also doesn’t know that if a wolf breaks the curse before a vampire (cough, Klaus) does, wolves won’t be forced to change every full moon. They could choose to change whenever they want to – or never again. “Once he learns that bit of information, I think he’s gonna fight to find a way to break that curse,” Trevino says. Sounds like the actor may have good instincts: “I don’t think that spoils too much to say that yes, that becomes very appealing to him,” exec producer Kevin Williamson says. “He does not want to go through that [transformation] again.” Two more things to remember: Regardless of whether you’re a vamp or a werewolf, the ritual must still be performed — which means Elena (Nina Dobrev) would still need to be sacrificed, and once a vampire or werewolf breaks the curse, the other creature is eternally screwed. So if a vampire breaks the curse first so all bloodsuckers can walk in the sun (and not just the Originals or those with witch friends), wolves will forever transform on the full moon. If a wolf breaks the curse first, the vamps stay in the dark. I’m always wrong when I try to guess what will happen on this show. These “spoilers” have just been what fans would logically expect Tyler to be thinking — it’s the twists that Williamson and fellow EP Julie Plec throw in that we can’t predict. But why don’t you try anyway… How do you think the werewolf-vampire confrontation will play out for Tyler? Will he actually try to break the curse if Elena’s blood is needed?
Read the full interview over at Popwatch.

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Michael and Katerina Light Up The SAG Awards

Michael Trevino~Tyler Lockwood and Katerina Graham~Bonnie Bennett of "The Vampire Diaries" attended the SAG awards this weekend. Here's their pre-party video interview with CW Source.