Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers New Stefan Promo Poster

The CW has released a new season 2 promotional poster featuring Stefan~Paul Wesley. "The Vampire Diaries" returns January 27th on the CW with "The Descent".


The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Steven R.McQueen Talks Bonnie

The fabulous Carina of Zap2it visited the set of "The Vampire Diaries" and chatted with Steven R. McQueen~Jeremy Gilbert. He talks about his character's development, Jeremy's relationships and Bonnie. Enjoy TVD fans, it's a spoiler-fest from now until next Thursday!


Vampire Diaries Spoilers Paul Wesley Chats To CW Source

Paul Wesley~Stefan Salvatore of "The Vampire Diaries" chatted with Catalina Walsh
of CW Source. Paul discusses the similarities between himself and his character, his Sexiest Man feature and why he still doesn't have a Twitter account.


Friday, January 21, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers The Premiere of Damon's Bedroom

EW takes "The Vampire Diaries" fans on a tour of Damon Salvatore's 'classy and masculine' bedroom and exquisite bath. We've seen Stefan's room on a number of occasions, but Damon's abode has remained hidden until now; the Winter premiere will give us our first taste of Damon's style. You can tell a lot about a man by his bedroom ;).

Like many viewers of The Vampire Diaries, I’ve been wondering where Damon sleeps when he’s not having sex on the living room floor. We’ll get our answer when the show returns with new episodes next week. Exec producer Julie Plec says they’ve been waiting to build that set until they had a reason to need it — and apparently they found it. Ian Somerhalder admits the addition took him by surprise: “I never imagined Damon having a bedroom,” he says. “I figured he always slept up in a rafter or somewhere atop of an oak tree. I honestly didn’t know.” But he’s more than happy with what Plec, exec producer Kevin Williamson, and production designer Garreth Stover created for him. “By virtue of the fact that Damon is not the most sentimental individual, he doesn’t keep anything from the past. It’s not a room full of antiquities and memories, such as Stefan’s,” Somerhalder says. “But it’s big, it’s very masculine, and it’s classy.” It’s also sexy. “The one really amazing thing, of course,” he continues, “[is] they had this bed custom-made. This thing, I’m not even kidding you, it’s gigantic. You splice together two king-sized beds… Damon could fit an entire sorority on this bed, which I’m sure at some point he will.” (Williamson likes to refer to it as Damon’s “throne.”)

As for Damon’s bathroom, well, Plec says its sexy parts — the standalone tub and seamless glass shower – will “get a lot of use.” Fans know that Somerhalder was filming bath and shower scenes last month. Producers won’t say who gets wet with him, but Plec did confirm, if memory serves her correctly, “it’s one bath scene in one episode, and a shower scene in the next.” (You’re welcome.) Says Williamson, ”We talked and talked and talked. We figured Uncle Zach remodeled the bathroom, so we got a really sexy bathroom. We made sure we got a nice little stacked stone rain shower in there. I just sort of made it the bathroom I wanted to shower in.” Somerhalder approves, and says the shower’s not exactly little: “The shower could fit a sorority and a volleyball team.”

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Entertainment Weekly Scans

Thanks to Vampire Diaries Online and Tariel we have very clean scans of the EW magazine feature on "The Vampire Diaries". There's scoop from Executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson as well as spoilers from virtually the entire cast. Enjoy TVD Family and get ready for "The Descent" next Thursday, January 27th.
Click to enlarge.


The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.12 "The Descent" New ITV2 Promo

This new ITV2 promo for the Winter premiere of "The Vampire Diaries" contains some new spoilery scenes for "The Descent". TVD returns to the CW
January 27th.

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.14 "Crying Wolf" Photos

Earlier I spoiled the guide for "The Vampire Diaries" episode 14, "Crying Wolf". Thanks to Nina Dobrev Network, I have two precious episode stills to share with you. "Crying Wolf" will air February 10th on the CW.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Mid Season Premiere Video

The CW has released a great mid season preview for "The Vampire Diaries". Candice Accola~Caroline Forbes gets us ready for the January 27th Winter premiere and beyond with this spoilery good video. Candice promises a wild ride ;). Special thanks to SpoilerTV for the heads up.

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.14 "Crying Wolf" Guide

The CW has released the title and a brief synopsis for episode 14 of "The Vampire Diaries". "Crying Wolf" is slated to air February 14th, enjoy :).
SECRETS AND LIES --- Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) get away for what they hope will be a romantic weekend at the Gilbert family lake house, not realizing that they’ve been followed. Jenna (Sara Canning) starts to worry that Alaric (Matt Davis) isn’t being honest with her. Jules (guest star Michaela McManus) explains the importance of the sun and moon curse to Tyler (Michael Trevino), but leaves out an important detail. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) attends a tea at the Historical Society in order to talk to Elijah (guest star Daniel Gillies), but Elijah isn’t giving up any secrets. With help from Caroline (Candice Accola) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), Bonnie (Katerina Graham) uses deceptive measures to get shocking new information out of Luka (guest star Bryton James). Finally, Tyler offers Matt (Zach Roerig) some relationship advice. David Von Ancken directed the episode written by Brian Young (##214).

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.12 "The Descent" Rose's Devolution And What It Means For Delena

TV Guide has some "Vampire Diaries" scoop to pass along. The CW hit returns next Thursday with "The Descent", and EP Julie Plec gives fans some spoilery good news on the Delena front, but unfortunately it comes with tragic repercussions for Rose.

"There is a devolution of Rose's sanity and Rose's character, as a result of the bite, which brings a lot of danger into Elena's (Nina Dobrev) world and into everybody else's world," says Plec. "The follow up from that is going to be pretty extreme." And then there's werewolf Jules (Michaela McManus). "She knows now that Mason's dead, and she's going to have something to say about that. What she chooses to do and how she chooses to respond is big and it's bold, and it takes us for the next couple episodes on a journey that's pretty intense."

And, finally, there's some good news for Team Damon. "Elena and Stefan (Paul Wesley) are happily back together, but as a result of what Rose is going through, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena find themselves sort of thrown together, trying to deal with this invalid vampire," says Plec. "They go through a pretty rough emotional experience together which, of course, cements their relationship even further."
Read the full interview here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Lady Wolf, Jules, Doesn't Play Fair

TV Guide has a scooplet to share with the TVD Family about Tyler and the impending Werewolf tension. Looks like Jules will not only be a bad ass, but an antagonist with her own agenda.

What's the scoop on the vampire-werewolf war on Vampire Diaries? — Rachel
NATALIE: The late Mason's were-buddy Jules (Michaela McManus) is not happy with the Salvatore brothers, and will use the information that Tyler is also a werewolf to her advantage. "The vampire-werewolf conflict is going to go from a simmer to a boil," executive producer Julie Plec tells us. "Jules is going to try to take Tyler under her wing and start filling his ear with some things."

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Candice Accola Talks About TVD's Return

Candice Accola chats with Popsugar about what's coming up on "The Vampire Diaries" when it returns January 27th. She teases about werewolves and the big bad, Klaus.

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Nina Shares Major Dish

E Online had the opportunity to interview the lovely Nina Dobrev of "The Vampire Diaries". She chats about the weather and spoils about Klaus, her dual roles and Elena's love life with Stefan and Damon ;).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.13 "Daddy Issues" More Photos

The CW has released the episode stills for "Daddy Issues". They feature Tyler, Stefan, Damon and Jules. Tensions are high and our players need resolution. "The Vampire Diaries" returns January 27th with all new episodes.

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Daniel Gillies Tells All, About Elijah

EW got Daniel Gillies~Elijah to spill his spoilery secrets about "The Vampire Diaries". Gillies plays Elijah, one of the originals. He's got intimidation, savvy, and a heart of gold(?). The newest TVD hottie spoils about his character, his true motivations, working with the cast and Klaus.

What does Elijah think of Damon?
I think that Damon is probably a little bit like a very young Elijah. I think Elijah knows that Elena is gonna be safe with Damon overseeing things, but I think that he sees him as kind of harmless — which is probably his folly. It’s like, “Alright, I’ve crushed vampires like you in my sleep, and again, I could have murdered you several times now. You’ll do what I say.” He’s little more than human to Elijah. Damon’s so cocky beyond what he’s actually capable of, which I think is what makes Damon endearing a little bit. It makes him kinda human. He’s like a tenacious little dog or something.

Are you still in the dark about Elijah’s true motivations?
I’ll be honest, I don’t know. They keep us in the dark as well from episode to episode. But you can’t really play a character unless you at least take a guess. I was like, look, I’m gonna make some decisions, and if I’m wrong down the road, then I’ll be wrong. But if I don’t start making decisions, then it’s just gonna be this gelatinous entity. It’s not gonna have any spirit. I’d rather be wrong but owning my incorrect direction.

And you think your initial guess is still correct?
I do, actually. I think I’m not very far off.

I understand he will be integrated more into the town, not just popping up to see Elena.
That stuff’s fun. He’s really trying to entrench himself, and in a sense, he’s creating this kind of phalanx around Elena using Damon and Stefan. He’s sort of like a military tactician almost. I feel like he, unlike myself, has the patience of a god. I feel like he would wait 100 years to be able to avenge something, a slight on him. I know what I think his attitude is toward these historical society things. I think he’s incredibly learned. I think he already has a very broad knowledge of the area. He definitely does, it’s revealed precisely how later on. But it’s quite possible that he’s bored out of his mind at this function, but the thing that fuels him is his desire to lure Klaus.
Read the full interview here.

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Ian Somerhalder Talks With Cambio Connect

Cambio Connect did a short interview with Ian Somerhalder of "The Vampire Diaries". He dishes about things to come and preferred beverages. Enjoy TVD Family.
Special thanks to Vampire Diaries Online for the heads up.

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.13 "Daddy Issues" New Photo

The amazing Judy Yam tweeted an nice still from episode 13, "Daddy Issues". By the looks of it Stefan and Tyler are having some sort of conflict, juicy ;).

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Kevin Williamson Gives Spoilery Goodness

With the return of "The Vampire Diaries" quickly approaching, the spoilery goodness is streaming in. Executive Producer, Kevin Williamson spoils to Wetpaint about all the goodies that will take us into and through the next three episodes.

Will Elena stay single for the rest of the season? What will happen to her romantically?
Is she single right now? Elena is always, no matter how single she is, she’s still standing there with Stefan. They’re a couple who have conflicts and they have a big one looming. They’re starting to truly disagree about how to handle things. But no, I wouldn’t stay she’s going to stay single by any means. I wouldn’t say she’s single now. She may be arguing or disagreeing with Stefan at the moment, but I don’t think they’re too far apart.

What’s in the future for Caroline and Tyler’s relationship? Will werewolf/vampire tensions drive them apart?
Yes, 100 percent. In the very next episode, things begin to unfold that don’t bode well for their budding relationship. Tyler starts asking questions and we’ll see that blow open. And don’t forget, there’s Matt waiting over there in the middle. So there’s a little triangle going between a human, a vampire, and a werewolf. Tyler got through his transformation, she was there for him. They sort of have this kinship now, of this curse. And now we take it to the next level and play it out. It’s very tragic.

Is it a doomed relationship from the start?
Oh my god. I wish I could squeal and tell you everything that will happen. But over the next three episodes, Julie and I were watching and — it gets tragic.

Will it continue into Season 3?
Well we end a chapter in the next three episodes with regard to a lot of things we set in motion. And then we begin the next chapter, which is leading us to the finale.
Read the full interview here.

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Candice Accola Talks Love And Trust

The fabulous baby vamp of Mystic Falls, Candice Accola~Caroline Forbes, recently spoiled to Wetpaint about what to expect when "The Vampire Diaries" returns January 27th. She dishes about her blossoming love triangle and trust.
Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10 Sacrifice

Does anything happen in those?

Yes. There are interactions between Tyler and Caroline. I think the thing to remember is that Caroline’s been lying to Tyler. And also, there are more werewolves coming into town. So how that’s going to sway Tyler in the kind of man that he wants to be is going to be very interesting. How that affects Caroline and Tyler’s relationship and friendship is going to be interesting. Caroline and Matt, whether anything is going to spark. That’s a triangle — there are many triangles. It’s become a whole geometry problem within the town of Mystic Falls. But I think what’s really wonderful is that a lot of supernatural qualities of the show has been going on, and that’s obviously going to continue, but in the next couple of episodes there are a lot of very human questions being asked that are more based on relationships.

Is the werewolf/vampire divide like a Romeo and Juliet thing?

What I like about the Caroline/Tyler relationship is that it’s the first time that we’ve seen Caroline have a friendship with a member of the opposite sex that didn’t stem from sexual attraction. So yeah, there could definitely be something later on, but that’s what’s so beautiful about their friendship. Yeah, there could be technical problems between a werewolf and a vampire getting together, but there are more important things that are going to be asked, just about their friendship: Do you have my back if I have your back?
Read the full interview here.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Annie Stone Joins The Cast

Recently a new cast member of "The Vampire Diaries" gave an exclusive interview to, an online magazine. Annie Stone dishes on which Salvatore she would choose, the move to ATL and her character's place in Mystic Falls.


The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Candice Talks Boys, Boys, Boys

Candice Accola~Caroline Forbes recently chatted with Buzzsugar about season 2 of "The Vampire Diaries". She dishes on her chemisrty with not not only Tyler and Matt, but Stefan as well.

Buzz: You and Michael Trevino (Tyler) recently had a very moving scene when Tyler transitioned to a werewolf for the first time.
CA: It was moving just to be in the room. It was a smaller set and a smaller crew and it was shot over two 12- to 14-hour days, and it was really hard to watch. Trevino [Michael, who plays Tyler] obviously wasn't wearing very many clothes, the chains he had on in the episode, they were real chains. He was bawling his eyes out. It was really tough to watch. You know, Trevino is a dude, he is a full-on, very masculine man and so to watch him get so vulnerable, it definitely created a very open space in which [I was] able to feel what was going on.

To find out what Accola had to say about potential romance between Caroline and Stefan, just read more.

Buzz: Where is the relationship between Caroline and Matt going?
CA: There's obviously a love triangle; and what's missing in one, the other one has. I think Matt is Caroline's first true love, but I think that Tyler, she can really be her real new self in front of. It's really up to the writers to decide where they want to take it. But I love that their [Tyler and Caroline] relationship didn't start out as a sexual one, there was no sexual tension, it was purely friendship, purely "if you've got my back, I've got your back." And Caroline hadn't had that yet in the season.

Buzz: Caroline and Stefan have struck up a friendship; do you think anything romantic will ever happen between them?
CA: It's always fun when you have new faces in front of you, and Caroline and Stefan didn't really have a lot of scenework in the first season, so I think that's what everyone is talking about in regards to the second season. They've got a great banter, you know. [But] He's got enough to worry about with Elena. And that's the other thing, it's another friendship; yes, she was attracted to him back then, but at this point it really is just stemming from the friendship, and I just need help. It's refreshing because it's that old question, can men and women just friends?
Photo Credit: Candice Accola Web