Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Daniel Gillies Tells All, About Elijah

EW got Daniel Gillies~Elijah to spill his spoilery secrets about "The Vampire Diaries". Gillies plays Elijah, one of the originals. He's got intimidation, savvy, and a heart of gold(?). The newest TVD hottie spoils about his character, his true motivations, working with the cast and Klaus.

What does Elijah think of Damon?
I think that Damon is probably a little bit like a very young Elijah. I think Elijah knows that Elena is gonna be safe with Damon overseeing things, but I think that he sees him as kind of harmless — which is probably his folly. It’s like, “Alright, I’ve crushed vampires like you in my sleep, and again, I could have murdered you several times now. You’ll do what I say.” He’s little more than human to Elijah. Damon’s so cocky beyond what he’s actually capable of, which I think is what makes Damon endearing a little bit. It makes him kinda human. He’s like a tenacious little dog or something.

Are you still in the dark about Elijah’s true motivations?
I’ll be honest, I don’t know. They keep us in the dark as well from episode to episode. But you can’t really play a character unless you at least take a guess. I was like, look, I’m gonna make some decisions, and if I’m wrong down the road, then I’ll be wrong. But if I don’t start making decisions, then it’s just gonna be this gelatinous entity. It’s not gonna have any spirit. I’d rather be wrong but owning my incorrect direction.

And you think your initial guess is still correct?
I do, actually. I think I’m not very far off.

I understand he will be integrated more into the town, not just popping up to see Elena.
That stuff’s fun. He’s really trying to entrench himself, and in a sense, he’s creating this kind of phalanx around Elena using Damon and Stefan. He’s sort of like a military tactician almost. I feel like he, unlike myself, has the patience of a god. I feel like he would wait 100 years to be able to avenge something, a slight on him. I know what I think his attitude is toward these historical society things. I think he’s incredibly learned. I think he already has a very broad knowledge of the area. He definitely does, it’s revealed precisely how later on. But it’s quite possible that he’s bored out of his mind at this function, but the thing that fuels him is his desire to lure Klaus.
Read the full interview here.

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