Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers Candice Talks Boys, Boys, Boys

Candice Accola~Caroline Forbes recently chatted with Buzzsugar about season 2 of "The Vampire Diaries". She dishes on her chemisrty with not not only Tyler and Matt, but Stefan as well.

Buzz: You and Michael Trevino (Tyler) recently had a very moving scene when Tyler transitioned to a werewolf for the first time.
CA: It was moving just to be in the room. It was a smaller set and a smaller crew and it was shot over two 12- to 14-hour days, and it was really hard to watch. Trevino [Michael, who plays Tyler] obviously wasn't wearing very many clothes, the chains he had on in the episode, they were real chains. He was bawling his eyes out. It was really tough to watch. You know, Trevino is a dude, he is a full-on, very masculine man and so to watch him get so vulnerable, it definitely created a very open space in which [I was] able to feel what was going on.

To find out what Accola had to say about potential romance between Caroline and Stefan, just read more.

Buzz: Where is the relationship between Caroline and Matt going?
CA: There's obviously a love triangle; and what's missing in one, the other one has. I think Matt is Caroline's first true love, but I think that Tyler, she can really be her real new self in front of. It's really up to the writers to decide where they want to take it. But I love that their [Tyler and Caroline] relationship didn't start out as a sexual one, there was no sexual tension, it was purely friendship, purely "if you've got my back, I've got your back." And Caroline hadn't had that yet in the season.

Buzz: Caroline and Stefan have struck up a friendship; do you think anything romantic will ever happen between them?
CA: It's always fun when you have new faces in front of you, and Caroline and Stefan didn't really have a lot of scenework in the first season, so I think that's what everyone is talking about in regards to the second season. They've got a great banter, you know. [But] He's got enough to worry about with Elena. And that's the other thing, it's another friendship; yes, she was attracted to him back then, but at this point it really is just stemming from the friendship, and I just need help. It's refreshing because it's that old question, can men and women just friends?
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