Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vampire Diairies News: Steven Antin Gushes About Ian Somerhalder

In a recent interview with Movie Line Writer~Director Steven Antin talks about his upcoming film "Burlesque" and gushes about TVD's very own Ian Somerhalder.


Q: The other thing that an entirely new generation may not realize they have to thank you for is introducing the world to Ian Somerhalder, who made his acting debut in Young Americans.

Antin: Oh yeah! I found Ian Somerhalder. He had never acted before, but his picture came across my desk and I said, “Get that kid in here! I think he could play the role of Hamilton.” I just liked the way he looks and I wanted to see if he can do it. He was a Guess model at the time and they kept saying, “He’s doing a shoot for Guess,” and kept cancelling. I said, “But I want to meet him for a TV series!” Finally he came in and I took him to the network and coached him. I actually shot him myself in my office and went through a long process of helping to get him on TV.

Q: Was he not already sold on transitioning into acting at the time?

Antin: He was sort of thinking about it, exploring it, and he was going out for things. But he hadn’t done any [acting]. He was just a model. Not just a model — he was a successful, beautiful young model, but I knew when he came to my office that there was something special about this guy.

Q: Does that mean you keep up with him on The Vampire Diaries?

Antin: I do sometimes, because Ian’s like my son! I feel like his dad. I love it. He’s great, such a charming, lovely, fabulous guy. You would love him. He’s also an incredibly bright, thoughtful, earthy guy. Really smart. He is really one of the most beautiful specimens I’ve ever seen in person. He’s so staggeringly beautiful that it’s jaw-dropping. You know what they said to me at The WB? “You’re putting too much make-up on him, there’s too much blush on his cheeks.” I’m like, “He doesn’t wear any make-up. That’s his f***ing skin.” He’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen, and he’s a fabulous guy.
Photo Credit: People Magazine

Vampire Diaries Episode 2.16 Spoilers More Innocent Blood Shed

I spoiled earlier that casting had begun for the baddest of the bad, Klaus. Sources confirm that this dashing, Donizetti Opera loving 'Original' is completely compelling, but he truly cares for nothing, except himself of course. Klaus has little in his world that's not expendable and thanks to Damon's nosing around, more innocent blood may be shed. It's clear Klaus has eyes and ears everywhere. What are your thoughts on the big bad of season 2?
Source: Spoilers Guide

Vampire Diaries Episode 2.13 Spoilers An Angel In Mystic Falls?

According to Spoilers Guide an Angel will be coming to Mystic Falls, but not the ethereal kind ;). This Angel is a TV reporter with an interest in our resident bad boy Damon. Angel will be covering a story about a 'drug induced murder'. Is that always the councils cover story?

What are your speculations about this new murder in Mystic Falls?

Vampire Diaries Episode 2.11 "By The Light Of The Moon" More Photos

The CW has released more episode stills for "By The Light Of The Moon". Earlier I spoiled the guide and some other juicy tid-bits for episode 11. These fab photos feature our new character Jules~Michaela McManus and some old favorites, so dig in ;).

Monday, November 22, 2010

Vampire Diaries Spoilers Candice And Michael Talk Love

Carina over at Zap2it had the pleasure of visiting with Candice Accola~Caroline Forbes and Michael Trevino~Tyler Lockwood from "The Vampire Diaries". The two spoiled about a possible love triangle and teased about Tyler's big transformation episode coming up December 9th.

When I asked that inevitable love connection question, they played coy for a moment before Accola gave me a little hint of what's to come.
"What I think is so wonderful about any romantic relationship, in my opinion, there's usually some sort of friendship that starts that off," she says. "Who knows what'll happen throughout the rest of the season, but as of right now, I think it's a beautiful parallel for both of these characters that are kind of embarking on this new part of their lives in such an extreme supernatural way."

"He gets to know Caroline a little better and has somebody there," Trevino tells me.


Be sure to check back for part 2 of this amazing interview and sound off below with your thoughts about the new Monster Mash of Mystic Falls.