Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kevin Williamson Reveals The Secret Behind Bonnie's Death And Katherine's Extended Stay

Creator and EP of The Vampire Diaries Kevin Williamson spoiled to THR about how Bonnie's death came about. He explains that initially it was going to be a much more profound shock for the audience, but because of TVD's ever evolving storylines the scenario changed by the time it was all said and done.


"Originally we had planned to kill [Bonnie] for four episodes and let Elena be the one who hid her away, and surprise everyone with it," Williamson says. "But we said, 'The audience would hate us. They'll never forgive us.' Then we thought we could do this for one episode and bring her back next week. Then we thought no, better to do it at the end of the commercial break. We finally came down to a commercial break was all we could get away with."
Williamson also dished about the surprising presence of Katherine in season 2.
"I said, 'We can only bring Katherine in once or twice.' We had written the first episode and we were down on set watching Miss Nina portray her in that little black outfit and slink her way to set. I said, 'OK, we might need to rethink this,'" He explained, "Katherine took over, we recreated the storyline. She was always supposed to be the puppeteer and the mastermind off-camera, and we brought it on-camera. It gave us another true villain and for Damon another adversary."
Personally, I think it's pure genius how the TVD writers continually crank out superb television with twists and turns that would make the windiest country road jealous.
What are your thoughts? Can they top the season 1 finale? I think so ;)

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