Monday, November 1, 2010

Vampire Diaries Episode 2.09 "Katerina" First Look

Thanks to Keck's Exclusives we get to see our first look at 15th century Katerina Petrova. In another fabulous flashback episode, we'll see Katherine in 1492 Bulgaria, before she became the seemingly self-consumed manipulative temptress of present day.

Vampire Diaries Katerina

"We find out how she became a vampire and what led her to become the person she is today — a selfish, maniacal woman who only looks out for herself," says Nina, who was born in Bulgaria and speaks Katherine's native tongue. How she's turned is a big secret, as is the identity of a new menace we'll meet from the same era, who will journey to present-day Mystic Falls.

"This villain has ties to the deep, deep past of the vampire legend," teases executive producer Julie Plec. "And then in our last episode before the holidays [December 9], we'll finally see poor Tyler Lockwood's torturous transformation into a werewolf."
I'm over the moon about this episode and can't wait to see how much of the book they bring into their mythology. It sure sounds like the real big Bad of season 2 is Katherine's maker(Klaus), renamed of course.
What are your thoughts?

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