Friday, November 5, 2010

Vampire Diaries Episode 2.10 "Sacrifice" Spoilers~Elena Gets One Step Closer To The 'Originals'

Vampire Diaries Rose Screen Captuers

It's already been spoiled that more doppelganger hijinks would hit TVD soon, but with Elena impersonating Katherine this time. Well, now we know when. According to our source, in episode 10 entitled "Sacrifice", Elena and Rose fortuitously come across an opportunity to get one step closer to the 'Originals'. While doing a believable impersonation of Katherine, Elena gains the info she needs about a certain Adrienne. But in true TVD style plans go south quick and someone ends up with their heart ripped out, literally.

What we know.

  • Our plot thickens with pages from the book series, naming Klaus as our big bad.
  • Elena is a Petrova Doppelganger and she must be sacrificed to break the sun and moon curse, presumably so that these 'Originals' can reek some serious evil havoc.
  • From the dialogue of "Rose" we can gather that there are several of these 'Originals' running around, and thanks to Elijah, we now know that you can't kill them the conventional way.
  • In next weeks episode, "Katerina", we'll learn more about the Petrova History and Katherine will broach the subject of Elena turning into a vampire.
Is Adrienne an 'Original', or is he just working for one?
What your take on this new spoilery info?
Photo Credit: Vampire Diaries Web

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