Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vampire Diaries Spoilers Petrova Doppelgangers and The Big Bad, Klaus

In an interview with Hollywood Insider the mistress of tease herself, Julie Plec~Executive Producer of "The Vampire Diaries" spills about Katerina, Klaus and Damon's bare essentials. She doesn't hold back and spoils some major stuff ;).

We won’t be meeting Klaus, but we will be hearing all about him: “This episode gives us a lot more information: Who he is, how desperately afraid people are of him and have been since the beginning of time, how Katherine crossed his path and drew his ire, and how her experience with Klaus shaped who she is today,” Plec says. “We get to learn that all through some pretty amazing flashbacks that take us from Bulgaria, to the English countryside, back to Bulgaria — all set against the stuff that’s happening in the present day. The mystery of Klaus and when we’ll see Klaus is going to be the same question of ‘When will we see Katherine?’ from last season. We’re gonna learn a lot about him and be hopefully very afraid of him before we ever lay eyes on him. That’s gonna be a nice, big, long healthy tease. It’s so funny, the way we dropped the bomb of his name last episode [Rose said The Originals, the oldest vampires, will be coming for Elena, and they'll be doing it for him, Klaus], Kevin and I were laughing. We’re like, the book fans are gonna lose their freakin’ minds in this moment, and the rest of America is gonna go, ‘Huh… Alright. Who’s that?’ [Laughs] But it’s one of those moments that you’re like, I don’t care because I know the million book fans are gonna be so excited that it’s worth it.” We found out in last week’s episode that Katherine was the first Petrova doppelgänger. Does that mean we could, conceivably, see Dobrev playing three roles in an episode at some point? “I think there’s always a chance — not this year. We have our little Charlotte Petrova character in our heads that we laugh and joke about in the writers room,” Plec says. “Whether we decide to go back to year 1200 and meet her, or maybe she was trollin’ around World War II Germany or Woodstock in the ’60s, who knows. It’s something that we have fun with, but it’s not in our canon as of yet.”

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