Monday, April 4, 2011

'The Klaus Chapter'; The Vampire Diaries End Of Season Titles

Vampire Diaries fans can rejoice, because the hiatus is over this week! TVD returns this Thursday with a new episode, "Know Thy Enemy". The CW hit will conclude its sophomore season with a six episode run, that EP Julie Plec teased as 'The Klaus Chapter'. Below is a list of episode titles with air dates to keep my fellow fans up to speed, so you can stay as obsessed as if you weren't already ;).
  • "Know Thy Enemy" ~ Ep 2.17 ~ Airdate: April7th
  • "The Last Dnace" ~ Ep 2.18 ~ Airdate: April 14th
  • "Klaus" ~ Ep 2.19 ~ Airdate: April 21st
  • "The Last Day" ~ Ep 2.10 ~ Airdate: April 28th
  • "The Sun Also Rises" ~ Ep 2.21 ~ Airdate: May 5th
  • "As I Lay Dying" ~ Ep 2.22 ~ Airdate: May 12th
Buckle up TVD family, I feel like this end of season run will leave us breathless, and possibly in a coma :).

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