Friday, April 8, 2011

Tyler And Jules Make Their Return And Julie Plec Promises A Dark Finale With A High Death Count

Tyler and Jules are set to return to Mystic Falls May 5th. There will be one more full moon, which marks the sacrifice. EP Julie Plec spoiled,
“It doesn’t seem right to have a full moon without a werewolf. It’s unexpected, and it’s really, really bad timing.”

The Vampire Diaries has officially started its end of season run. Julie spoiled that the death toll will tip over into two hands. She also teased a dark finale.
“There’s gonna be a lot to deal with, and a lot of our heroes going through some pretty dark times and trying to come out the other side,” she says. “The one thing that we know that we don’t want to do this year is leave 13 threads dangling at the end of the season. So while yes, there will absolutely be cliffhangers in the finale, it’s not gonna be like 97. We want to let the audience feel like they have begun a ride with us at the top of the season and seen it all the way through, and that we’ve delivered a true ending to them.”

Source: EW

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