Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Torture And Betrayal On 'The Vampire Diaries', "The Last Dance"

I have some small scooplets to share for The Vampire Diaries. Tomorrow's episode, "The Last Dance" will be loaded with TVD style, OMG moments. I've already spoiled the impending death of someone and revealed that poor Katherine would not be having a very good day.

Well, according to TV Guide Klaus will be heavily torturing Kat for some information that she doesn't actually have. Klaus then infiltrates the group using Alaric's body and has some fun with Elena and the gang. In the midst of the mind games he discovers what Katherine couldn't tell him. One would have to assume that, because it's the only 'secret weapon' to speak of, the info Klaus is seeking is the sight of the Witch Massacre and Bonnie's new witchy joojoo that takes her to the 100th power ;). Also be warned that while fighting Klaus, we will see not only a double cross, but a triple cross as well.
What's our boy Damon got up his sleeve?
Personally I think Damon will take Elena away to keep her safe, because his brother can't get the job done.
What are your thoughts about tomorrow night's episode.

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