Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Updated Spoiler Preview for 'The Vampire Diaries', "The Last Dance"

Last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries left fans with their jaws open and on the floor. Well, I have a few burning spoilers to pass along for this week's episode, "The Last Dance", that will hopefully answer some of the cliffhangers we were left with last week :).
  • Matt and Sheriff Forbes, unfortunately, know everything about everything and Matt~Zach Roerig will struggle to keep his compelled rouse in place during the dance.
  • It will be a virtual shipper extravaganza with plenty of Stefan/Elena, Elena/Damon, Damon/Bonnie, Matt/Caroline, Jeremy/Bonnie and Stefan/Caroline scenes to light every fangirl's heart.
  • The moves Damon and Elena share during the '60s dance have more heat than Stefan would probably like to see. But, to the delight of Delena fans everywhere, when Damon starts grooving with Bonnie, Elena has a visible twinge of jealously.
  • Katherine briefly appears in the episode, but she's not having a very good day at all.
  • Klaus definitely has his powers in Alaric's body and while we will be sufficiently creeped out with Matt Davis' performance as Klaus, as long as Klaus is possessing him he's in very real danger. Plus, we'll get to see how unhinged Klaus really is ;).
  • The Salvatore boys have extremely different ideas about how to keep Elena safe, and Damon's secrets will start to wear on their fragile relationship. According to Eonline Damon basically tells Stefan he sucks at the one thing he's supposed to be good at...protecting his lady love.
  • Someone will be dying.
  • Keep a box of tissues on hand, because according to Zap2it, the cast is at their best and Nina Dobrev delivers a performance that will 'wreak you'.

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