Saturday, April 16, 2011

Julie Plec Spoils About 'The Vampire Diaries' Season Finale

EP Julie Plec spoiled to EW about the last two episodes of The Vampire Diaries. She reveals that the May 5 episode picks up as day turns to night and, with the exception of the very end, takes place entirely on the evening of the full moon when the Sacrifice Ritual can begin. The lose of life will be momentous and Plec goes on to say,


“The loss of life is significant and very, very, very tragic, and the fallout of it is really painful for a lot of characters. The episode is called ‘The Sun Also Rises,’ and it’s really meant to say that our characters, at the end of this very, very long night, need to find some glimmer of hope when morning comes because what they go through is really profoundly life-alteringly horrible for them.”

Plec also spoiled that we will feel the emotional fallout of the events of May 5th during the season finale "As I Lay Dying". The episode centers around another event, a Gone With The Wind movie night in town's square where,
"Damon, who is desperately seeking forgiveness from Elena, starts to relive moments from past mistakes made with Katherine back in 1864. As is always true with these events in Mystic Falls, things go horribly awry."
Julie reminds us there's a lot going on in the finale, but because so much of it revolves around things we haven’t seen yet, she leaves us with this small hint.
”What we’re doing is telling the audience that when we hit season 3, there’s gonna be a lot of things changing for our characters and in their lives. We’re excited about it because it just shows that the show has directions that it can keep going in and going in and going in, and we’re never gonna get stuck or tired. We’re just gonna keep tellin’ stories."
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