Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Katerina Graham Dishes About The End

For me, Jeremy and Bonnie's blooming relationship has been a breathe of fresh air. Katerina Graham spoiled to Eonline about it.
"You'll see the relationship she has with Jeremy really solidify and you start to see them growing as partners. They'll also go through issues, but you really see their growth."


Last week's episode showed us just how much power Bonnie can harness to hopefully kill Klaus, but the extreme danger of that kind of power was also revealed, Here's what Kat had to say about Bonnie's 'calling'.


"She is facing life and death responsibilities, so it's going to be up to her love for Elena, how much she is willing to sacrifice and what she's not," Graham says, "Klaus is after Elena to sacrifice her, to kill her on an altar and they need a witch. So besides the fact that killing Klaus, if she even tries to, might take her down, there's also the fact that he needs a witch for the sacrifice."

Graham also spoiled about the deaths that are coming our way as season 2 comes to a close.
"I don't feel safe about myself or anyone. Unfortunately, we were told from the beginning that many people will go. I'm no exception."

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