Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vampire Diaries Episode 2.11 "By The Light Of The Moon" Michael Trevino And His Shining Moment

Carina MacKenzie of Zap2it had the awesome pleasure of being on-set with "The Vampire Diaries" these past few days. She made her rounds and talked with not only Michael Trevino, but Candice Accola and Ian Somerhalder about today's highly anticipated Fall Finale, "By The Light Of The Moon", and what's in store for Michael's character, Tyler. The spoilery goodness is free flowing for the TVD fandom, so enjoy and tune in tonight at 8/7c.

There is one thing that everyone from Michael Trevino's co-stars to showrunners Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec agreed on unanimously: this is Trevino's episode to shine, and it's a story that's been well-earned.

"Though the promos have focused heavily on the 'triangle' drama, honestly the episode really belongs to Michael Trevino, Tyler, as we watch him go through the most harrowing experience of his life," Plec says, referring to the CW's episode trailer, which may not do the actual plot of the episode much justice.

In fact, the transformation was Trevino's most challenging experience as an actor. "By far," he says. "In all the TV stuff that I've done, guest stars and recurring, the two days of shooting the transformation scene by far was the hardest, most challenging I've ever done."

Luckily, Trevino didn't have to go it alone. Marcos Siega, former supervising producer, returned to "The Vampire Diaries" while they filmed this important hour. Trevino found comfort in Siega's presence.

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