Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Michael Trevino Discusses Jules Motives And What's To Come

EW had the chance to speak with Michael Trevino after Thursday's transformation episode, "By The Light Of The Moon". The new werewolf spoils about things to come, especially were Jules is concerned. "The Vampire Diaries" returns January 27th with an all new episode, "The Descent".

Can you tease where we’re headed with Jules? It’s interesting because we’re preconditioned to hate her because she’s threatening our vampires, but if it turns out she’s there to avenge Mason, that doesn’t actually make her bad.
How do I answer this without getting in trouble? Jules has motives. She’s coming to Mystic Falls to look over Tyler. She wants Tyler and she needs him. For what, I can’t say. But she needs Tyler and wants to take him under her wing, but might want to be a lot closer than Mason was with him.

“A lot closer than Mason was with him…”
Yeah. I think we can trust Jules. Whereas with Mason and Katherine, that little relationship wasn’t good.

How soon will Tyler find out that Caroline has been lying to him about her being the only vampire in Mystic Falls?
He’s gonna find out really soon, and that’s just a whole different situation then with Tyler and his feelings toward Caroline once he finds out she lied.
Photo Credit: Vampire Diaries Web, CW

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